Atlus Announces the Phantom Thieves’ Return in Persona 5: The Royal

March 27, 2019 2 Comments

Atlus Announces the Phantom Thieves’ Return in Persona 5: The Royal

Persona fans probably saw this coming, but the P5R license teased back at the end of last year turns out to be Persona 5: The Royal, announced at the end of a special episode of Persona 5: The Animation. Not a lot of details have been revealed as of yet, but seeing that it follows the titling trend of Persona 4: The Golden as it was called in its Japanese release, Persona 5: The Royal really seems like it could be an expanded version of the 2016 JRPG.

Also similar to Golden’s inclusion of a new female party member named Marie, the teaser trailer for The Royal features a new female character, being asked about her thoughts of the Phantom Thieves. According to a translation from Gematsu, she actually seems to disagree with what the Phantom Thieves represent, leading many to believe that she may be some sort of antagonist toward the Thieves, at least at first.

Other fans are hopeful that she might even be a new playable female protagonist, referring back to Persona 3 Portable. Whatever role she’ll play in Persona 5: The Royal, fans won’t have to wait very long, as Atlus promises to share more information on April 24th, during the “Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019: Welcome to No. Q Theater!” concert in Tokyo.

Persona 4: Golden on the PlayStation Vita featured extra dungeon content, new personas, costumes, social links, music, mini-games, scenarios, and Marie as a new party member, among other things. With that in mind, what features are you excited to see in Persona 5: The Royal?

Persona 5: The Royal is so far set to be released on PlayStation 4. It’s possible that with Joker also entering the fray in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in late April, we might even see a Switch release announcement alongside the Persona 5 protagonist’s Smash debut, but we’ll have to wait until PersonaSuper Live for more details.


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May 08, 2019

Hoping for more Persona 5 additions to the collection with the Royal being announced. Would love a new poster with the new character on it.

On a side note, I’d buy more of your shirts but being a big and tall guy, shirts are never available in my size, hoping someday you guys offer a wider range of sizes too, especially Tall sizes.

Kira Norys Diaz
Kira Norys Diaz

April 10, 2019

Quick correction: Marie isn’t a party member, but a new social link.

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