Freelance Designer

Job Description

Eighty Sixed is hiring a self-motivated freelance product designer to join our Art Department and assist us with designing awesome t-shirts, posters, keychains and other products in the video game industry! Work with us remotely or on location in our Las Vegas, NV office.


✓ Work with our Design Team to create high quality product designs and illustrations for several of our licensed brands.
✓ Conceptualize and create compelling designs for a variety of products.
✓ Provide rough sketches to demonstrate ideas and concepts.
✓ Incorporate changes recommended by our Art Team.
✓ Accurately set schedules and work well with deadlines.


✓ 2+ years of experience designing for one or more type of products.
✓ Familiarity of the graphic design process and the ability to work with a limited color palette.
✓ A firm understanding of design principles, typography and design theory.
✓ Proficient in industry standard illustration software like Photoshop, Illustrator or Clip Studio Paint.  
✓ A well rounded understanding of video games and love for geek culture.

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Freelance Content Writer

Job Description

Eighty Sixed is looking for a talented freelance content writer, with strong knowledge of video games and the video game industry, to help us develop quality and original content for our blog and to write creative descriptions for all of our upcoming products.

Responsibilities / Requirements

✓ Autonomously write relevant website copy pertaining to our licenses and various video game industry information.
✓ The ability to do research on specific games and characters and how they relate to the products we've developed. 
✓ Strong communication skills with relatively quick response times. 
✓ Conversational, yet professional writing style.
✓ The ability to use Google Docs, Asana, Slack and an online plagiarism checker. 
✓ Strong organizational skills.
✓ Basic knowledge of SEO principles is a plus.
✓ A strong understanding and experience of video games, particularly those which we make products for, is required.

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