1. How soon will I receive my product(s)?

We want you to get your order as fast as possible. If we could teleport it to you, we would! 99% of our products leave our warehouse within 24 hours. All orders in the US will be shipped with USPS First Class or Priority Mail. 

International orders should expect longer shipping times. (You're so far away) This is due to the lengthy customs process and various international postal services. 

2. Can I get a tracking number? 

You will automatically receive a tracking number in your confirmation email after you place your order. If for any reason you did not receive your tracking number, please contact our support staff through our contact page. (They're super helpful)

International orders: Please note that we can not track the package after it has left the United States. If you would like to use a different method shipping, please contact us. 

3. Why don't you ship to my country?

But we do! - If you don't see your country in our list during checkout, please email us and we can process your order through email. 

4. Will I have to pay Customs Fees if I ship internationally? 

There is always a chance that your country may charge you extra customs taxes or fees to deliver to you. This is not in our control. We suggest you contact your country's postal service and speak to them about what these average rates are. 

5. I preordered a product. How long until it arrives?

It usually takes us between 1 and 2 weeks after the preorder period ends to ship the product. This is due to the fact that we don't start manufacturing the product until the preorder period is over. How else would we figure out how many products to make?! If it will take longer than 1 to 2 weeks, please reference the product page for rough estimates. 

6. Will I receive a receipt for my order? 

Receipts will automatically be emailed to you after you complete your order. Make sure to hang on to your order number in case of any questions / issues in the future. 

7. You are out of stock on something I want!

Yes, it happens sometimes. The best way to tell us what you'd like to see restocked is by social media. Tweet or Facebook us so we know what product is in demand!


8. Do you have a size chart available for your tees?

S 18 27
M 20 28
L 22 29
XL 24 30
2XL 26 31.5
3XL 28 33
All sizes measured in inches.

9. If I don't see a particular size available on the site, will it become available in the future? 

We currently offer sizes from S-XXXL. If you'd like us to make other sizes available in the future, let us know! We're all ears!

10. Are you actually making women's tees? You've been talking about it for over a year!

Our first women's tee was released not too long ago. We are rolling out women's tees for everything under the Eighty Sixed brand, and slowly for new licensed products. 

11. How do I wash my shirts? 

Usually all of our tees have washing instructions on the neck label. But since you've asked: Machine wash shirt inside out, cold with like colors. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

12. I ordered a Glow-in-the-Dark tee, but it doesn't really glow. 

Photoluminescent ink (if we want to get all scientific about it) needs to absorb energy in order for it to re-emit light. You can do this by "charging" the ink under any type of light. (Sunlight or black light works well) - Learn more about how glow in the dark ink works here


13. How can I learn about specials and promotions? 

You can sign up to our newsletter, and / or follow us on social media. (duh)