Black Lives Matter

We have dedicated this page to resources worth sharing with our community. There is more than one way to help. We recognize that this list is not exhaustive and welcome you to contact us if you would like us to add additional links. 


Donations to the following organizations will help increase funds for creating better educational opportunities for minority youths.


Support and donations to the following organizations will help provide legal help to individuals who have been a victim of social injustices and police brutality and bring change to the justice system in the United States.


The following organizations welcome donations toward prison reforms. They specifically fight against mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and the formation of new penitential institutions.


The links below list organizations that are collecting donations to provide physical and mental healthcare to black communities and other minority communities.


The links below are list of books that will raise awareness on social injustices and racism across time in the United States.


A list of movies, documentaries and talks available online to help understand the racial disparities among communities.