Skullgirls - Reversible Lanyard

Legend tells of a mysterious artifact known as the “Skullgirls Reversible Lanyard” that has the power to grant wishes. Of course, there’s a catch. In this case, the wish must be for a high quality, double sided lanyard, with stunning art of the characters that populate New Meridian on both sides, and an art card featuring the supporting cast and a Skull Heart inspired emblem! Such an artifact can only be found at Eighty Sixed!


  • Item is 22" long without art card, 27" with art card attached

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron Herrera
Awesome lanyard

It was perfect, the graphics were made soo nice and the colors r beautiful! I absolutely love it ! Sooo happy the find Skull Girls merchandise!

amazing lanyard

probably one of the best look lanyards ive seen, they popped off hard lol

Gibran Chavez
Awesome Lanyard

This is an awesome lanyard. Highly recommend for the Skullgirls fan.

Anon Gal
High Quality, but needs better packaging

I was so excited to get this lanyard in the mail and was so disappointed that the art card (the side with the Skull Heart) was super scratched. Won’t stop me from using it, but I hope future lanyards I buy from Eighty Sixed have better packaging.