Skullgirls - All Star

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A new spin on a classic design, a brand new cast shirt for Skullgirls has arrived! Featuring all the stars and starlets of the game, this tee is sure to put on a show!

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Louis Abel
Great fit!

These are great shirts. Bought two of them for myself and my SO and they both fit well and feel good! Highly recommend following the instructions (wash with cold water, tumble dry low) and they'll come out looking and fitting great!

Michael Willis Jr
A fine addition to my collection

Absolutely love the shirt. Fits nicely and completely my collection of these complete cast shirts released over the years. Kinda wish I bought a second one.

Kenneth Daniels
Looks good, but it's made of cotton.

I followed the instructions on how to properly wash it and it still servery shrunk. I would suggest in the future to make your shirts out of more resistant fabric or offer bigger sizes so that it could still be wearable after being washed.

I'm sorry to hear that. As with all cotton shirts though, it's imperative that the shirt is tumble dried in low heat. Some people prefer to tumble dry with no heat and then hang them to dry. Dry your cotton shirts correctly and you'll never have a problem.

That being said, cotton is a very resistant fabric. (Hence the reason it's the most popular fabric in the world) We could print on 100% polyester, however, that material doesn't hold color very well and would limit our shirts to 1 - 2 colors. We like some Cotton / Polyester blends, but the color selection isn't great.