Persona 5 - Velvet Room

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Welcome to the Velvet Room, the place that exists between dream and reality, mind and matter.

Adorned with the iconography of Caroline, Justine, Igor and the distinct prison motif of this sacred space, this t-shirt is a great addition to any Persona 5 fan's collection. Perhaps it may even help enhance how fast you level up the bond to your confidants… give it a try!


Customer Reviews

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Great fit and beautiful design

Nicholas Grimaldi
Love it, sizing is a little funky

Amazing shirt, love the design and the material. I bought 4 shirts and I love them all. I bought all mediums. The length is perfect, even a little long. I’m a relatively tall and slender guy. But it is very snug. Hoping I’ll be able to stretch it out a little bit with use, but I am worried it might shrink when washed. However, I like them so much that I’m probably going to keep these and purchase larger ones in the future, both to compare and so I have multiples. Can’t wait to buy more designs and sizes because I love Persona and want to support this company. :)

Justin Arcoraci

Good stuff, very comfy

Dylan Kenney
Looks great, fits great, killer design!

Comfy shirt and the graphics are printed well. I like it so much I immediately came back to purchase another design from the Persona collection.