Persona 5 - Shujin Academy

Nestled in the Aoyama-Itchome district of Tokyo, Shujin Academy is the elite prep school from Persona 5. The Academy is strictly for the best of the best students. Be sure to check out all the extracurriculars: sports, gardening, reforming society, student council and more! 

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Fantastic shirt, but it's not sleepwear.

Bought a medium shirt a few months ago and I really like the feel and design. However, it should only be worn for a day before being washed. I've been wearing it mostly to sleep in and the armpit area now has permanent white stains from my solid deodorant, which strangely hasn't happened with my other shirts made of the same material.

Since I love the shirt, though, I'll be buying another medium sometime soon. Hopefully switching to a clear gel deodorant and wearing the shirt less will keep the shirt free from white stains.

Like with all t-shirts, you can avoid having white marks on the shirt by giving your deodorant few minutes to dry before putting your shirt on. Make sure not to overuse your deodorant as well. Overusing it can lead to excess residue getting on your clothes and leaving white marks. Glad you like the shirt!

Great quality shirt

This just arrived and the quality is really nice. Medium is a good fit on a 40" chest and it tapers in.

The understated design is ideal for transfer students everywhere, guaranteed to increase your charm and impress confidents.

Toni Sterbic
Really satisfied

Nice looking shirt, the material feels high quality and the logo looks a lot better live than in the picture above.