Skullgirls - Eliza Pin Set

The headliner of Bastet's Den takes center stage for a limited engagement! The Egyptian egoist, Eliza, sings a song of power and conquest as star of this Skullgirls pin set. Featuring the bloodstained diva herself, her iconic Staff of Ra microphone, and a metallic emblem, it's sure to make you the center of attention. The set is limited to 500, so make sure to get yours before the curtain falls!

Customer Reviews

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Gibran Chavez
Pins are Awesome

The pin quality that Eighty Sixed produces are always of incredible quality. Whether you main Eliza, fan of the game, or just a collector, I would highly recommend an Eighty Sixed pin.

Nice set

ive ordered two other pin sets and theyre all great. now i have all my favorite characters

Great set

Cool pins. While it was surprising her mic was chosen as one it's awesome that it has a different finish

Caven Cogswell
A fine addition to my collection!

This is the 4th skullgirls pin set I’ve bought, and they don’t miss. Every one has been amazing, and this is no exception. The quality is amazing, with the Eliza pin being filled just right with good colors, the mix pin being very shiny and well made, and the metal pin rounding out the set nicely!

Andrew Martinez
I love skullgirls

Great quality I'm buying all the pins sets day one when they come out