Skullgirls - Black Dahlia Poster

Enter a brand new realm, born of the deepest desires of the dark void known as Black Dahlia's heart! While it is not a portal to this hellish take on the Skullgirls world, this awesome poster is sure to give you a glimpse into the world of violent delight!

Poster size: 18x24 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Louis Abel
Great for Doom fans

Got this for a friend who loved Skullgirls, loves Dahlia, enjoyed watching her at EVO. He also absolutely loves Doom. This was the perfect poster for him and it looks awesome.

Gibran Chavez
Great Poster

This poster is awesome. The doom aesthetic for Dhalia is so fitting. Great design. Looks great hung up.

Mark M.
A bit smaller than expected, but still pretty good.

In all ways except it's size, it succeeded my expectations. The art didn't look like it came from the first JPEG they found lying around; it's actually new art with very sharp picture quality (despite how blurry it may seem on the photo I took). It came packaged neatly in a perfectly sized box, and I was very happy to add it to the collection of things on my wall. Definitely a good buy.

James Meddock
The Coooooolest

Well packaged, looks great. Just gotta figure out where to put it on my wall! Thanks!

Pinkie Martinez
Fantastic Product!

This poster was even bigger than expected, came packaged securely, and left me even more happier than I'd thought I'd be! Fantastic quality, you really get a bang for your buck, and I eagerly await more skullgirls posters in the future if this is a glance into how well they'll be made! :D