Persona 5 - Futaba

IX L'Hermite
The Hermit confidant, Futaba, lives up to the title. But she's a girl of many talents and makes for one stylish Persona 5 tee! 
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Customer Reviews

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John Smith
It’s a shirt

It’s definitely a shirt with a anime women i like on it

Carlos Palma
Awesome shirt

Really love the artwork on the shirts

Connor Wagner
Comfy, very comfy

Not only does the shirt look good, it's very comfortable and helps keep me warm during the colder days

Lance Edwards
Love it!!!

Love the overall design! The glittering gold accents was a great choice.

Nicholas Grimaldi
Love it, sizing is a little funky

Amazing shirt, love the design and the material. I bought 4 shirts and I love them all. I bought all mediums. The length is perfect, even a little long. I’m a relatively tall and slender guy. But it is very snug. Hoping I’ll be able to stretch it out a little bit with use, but I am worried it might shrink when washed. Of all the ones I bought, the Futaba one is the tightest, especially the arms. However, I like them so much that I’m probably going to keep these and purchase larger ones in the future, both to compare and so I have multiples. Can’t wait to buy more designs and sizes because I love Persona and want to support this company. :)