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Blazblue - Character Buttons

$ 7.00

The Wheel of Fate is Turning

These Blazblue buttons feature the entire cast across six different sets! Be sure to grab all your favorites!

Set A: Ragna, Noel, Hazama, ν-13, BlazBlue logo

Set B: Jin, Noel (alt), Tsubaki, Terumi, Kagura

Set C: Rachel, Hakumen, Izayoi, Valkenhayn, Celica

Set D: Tager, Kokonoe, Λ-11, Makoto, Azrael

Set E: Carl, μ-12, Platinum, Amane, Bullet

Set F: Taokaka, Bang, Litchi, Arakune, Relius

Buttons are approximately 1.5" in diameter

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